Electric vehicles are also advantageous for businesses

Motorists are aware that owning a motor vehicle involves significant costs associated with the maintenanceinsurance and fuel costs. However, those who want to save of these essentials may resort to public transportation or choose the increasingly popular electric vehiclesElectric vehicles are much cheaper to maintain than conventional gasoline or diesel cars. In fact, even if the cost of sales of electric vehicles are higher to that of traditional vehiclesthe owner will still be able to save on operating costs, enjoy incentives on the purchase and on tax deductions provided by the state. Additionallycharging an electric vehicle will only cost around 2-3 dollars per recharge and maintenance costs will be nullified (except for replacing batteries after several years and miles.) 

Even companies can significantly reduce costs by replacing their corporate fleets with electric vehicles. In fact, the rising costs of gasoline are driving more and more corporate administrators to look for cheaper alternatives. The stricter laws on the reduction of environmental emissions of carbon dioxide lead many companies to consider electric vehicles as well. Companies who choose electric mobility can even save on insurance costs, which is more than half of those provided for traditional transport vehicles. In addition, electric vans and trucks can be conveniently used to transport parcels or goods even in areas where conventional vehicles cannot pass, such as town centers or areas with limited traffic. For these handful of reasons all the major car manufacturers  have launched a wide range of professional electric vehicles which can be used in all areas (trade, industry, agriculture, etc. ..) and that ensure truly outstanding performance. These includes: vans, trucks, golf carts, quads, etc. 

Companies choose electric vehicles and takes it into account of all their business needs, such as the distances that must be traveled daily or the uses to which it will have to do. Car makers are also meeting the needs of small businesses providing the ability to reduce the initial investment by renting electric vehicles and batteries with a monthly fee which will be pre-set according to the contract signed. 

With the introduction of electric vehicles in small and big businesses alike, we will be able to reduce the noise and the air pollution without sacrificing the performance. In fact, electric motors are much more efficientenvironmentally friendly and are also much more technologically advanced than their fuel based counterparts. For example, the technology behind the regenerative braking system, which allows electric vehicles to not waste heat energy produced when the driver brakes, but to retrieve it and send it to the battery for recharging is an engineering marvel that is yet to be surpassed by traditional vehicles. 

It’s necessary to point out that one of the major limitations of electric mobility has always been the lack of mileage. However, this factor in recent years has been properly studied and responded by the creation of lithium batteries that are lighter and with higher storage capacity of electricity. Even the charging times have been significantly reduced thanks to the introduction of columns that offer a greater charging power and the use of innovative fast charging stations, which can charge an electric vehicle in about fifteen minutes. Furthermore, there is the convenience of being able to be recharge using a simple electric outlet, (and even in the convenience of the driver’s home) which can have the driver avoid queuing at gas stations.

So, electric vehicles are definitely the future of transportation thanks to the numerous benefits that electric mobility involves both for private users and businesses.


This article has been written by Anna I. of http://www.alke.com . She has been writing about the benefits of electric vehicles since 2003 when she first joined the Alke team, a leading italian company famous all over the world for the power and capacity of their electric vehicles.